Our Story

Phoenix Storage is locally owned and operated by my dad and I. We have always wanted to be more connected to, and give back to, our community. Living in the Gainesville area for more than 20 years, Gainesville is our home. After needing storage for the first time in many years, we quickly learned that it can be a frustrating process. We had to make an appointment just to see the facility, we had to go during working hours requiring us to take time away from our busy schedules, and to make matters worse, the manager was late resulting in a much longer and unnecessary appointment. It was impossible to see what the facility, or the units really looked like online. We immediately knew this could be improved. The process, the website, the facility, were outdated.

Our goal is to offer safe, quality storage in at very reasonable prices, while also making it as easy as possible. No more waiting to make appointments and no more having to sign documents in person. Simply pick your storage unit online or by phone, create an account, and then move in at your earliest convenience. When you no longer need storage, its as easy as letting us know by phone or online, removing your belongings and sweeping out your storage unit. It's as easy as that.