U-Haul Rentals

We are excited to offer access directly to a U-Haul rental truck for any moving needs. Moving is stressful enough, now you can rent a truck without having to meet anyone in person and coordinate schedules. Simply follow the three step process below to get your truck immediately!

Please note, any issues with the truck, or payments relating to truck rentals should be addressed by contacting 1-800-Go-U-Haul (1-800-408-4285) directly. Phoenix Storage does not own any rental vehicles and merely provides a pickup/drop off location. 

1. Visit the U-Haul rental website at www.uhaul.com

2. Enter our address, 2109 Athens Highway Gainesville in the location box and pick up date to get a free quote

3. Choose the truck size you need (note it may not be available for your selected dates, you will be contacted by a U-Haul representative to make accommodations)

4. Select mobile pickup and damage protection

5. Select movers if needed, or opt out at the top of the screen

6. Check out, that's it, you're finished!